Who is TEEM Academy?

TEEM Academy is a reputable organization currently serving Job Seekers in career development and Employers with workforce solutions. We help increase confidence and transform lives for people ages 17-77, who may have had some set-backs to obtaining employment or are in a transitioning stage of their career life. We provide employment services and advocacy through our unique job readiness and job placement programs, as well as supported employment services. We pride ourselves in the genuine concern, mentorship and advocacy we have for our clients’ well-being and success in life. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients navigate the world of competitive work, job search and the hiring process. We help them become employed and stay employed in a competitive and integrated position that best fits their skills. TEEM does not discriminate and will do our absolute best to find employment for people with all types of backgrounds and issues;Everybody needs a chance.
TEEM Academy puts humanity to work!

Where do TEEM‘s clients come from?

We receive self-referrals directly to our organization, through community organizations, faith-based organizations and other non-profits. Additionally TEEM is an “EN” (Employer Network) with the federal Ticket to Work program and a vendor of the “LRS” (Louisiana Rehabilitation Services).

Is there a cost for clients to use TEEM’s services?

Currently our services are FREE to most people through federal and state funding. Private direct-pay is another option that may be available to you. Contact us today to see if you qualify for our FREE services.

Who are the employers TEEM works with to place their clients on jobs?

TEEM works with all types of employers! We develop lasting and trusting relationships with businesses. From small mom & pop stores to large box chain companies. Bottom line is that TEEM customizes the job search for each individual client and if we don’t know an employer in which our client is interested, we will proactively reach out to that employer. We will pick up the phone or walk in their door and introduce ourselves and advocate for our client.ids

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