Job Readiness

“TEEM Academy’s objective is to maintain a standard of excellence in training, to ensure competence for better job placement. Our training programs are designed to be realistic, fun, educational and satisfying for the student. Our TEEM believes that excellence in occupational education should be available and affordable to all who are willing to make a firm commitment to a sound career. Our philosophy is to understand industry needs, students needs and the needs of their future employers. We aim to provide an immediate response to any changes in those needs, thus contributing to the welfare of the community as a whole.”

What’s in it for the TEEM Clients?

  • ✓ We prepare you to enter/re-enter the workforce as productive & successful citizens
  • ✓ We design a job development strategy customized for YOU
  • ✓ We search for level-appropriate jobs for you and help you navigate the job searching process for yourself; showing you the tips and tricks of the trade to set you apart!
  • ✓ We help you write/update your resume and/or assist with filling out on-line job applications, as little or as much that is needed
  • ✓ We advocate for you to employers and get your foot in the door for an interview
  • ✓ We coach you on interviewing and help you realize how important a positive attitude can be for job success
  • ✓ We guide you with on-the-job coaching (for our Supported Employment services) and MUCH, MUCH, MORE

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