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Leveraging Technology and Blended Learning Strategies to Enhance Transition  Employment Goals.

TEEM Academy has a unique approach to delivering training and instructional programming that is unparalleled in the industry. By using our unique and diverse staff that has a heart and passion for helping others, combined with cutting edge technology, we boost confidence of our students and transform lives.

TEEM Academy provides a positive environment with faculty and staff who care. We deliver personal attention with the use of engaging learning tools to help students achieve their goals and find competitive employment.

4feb8e95-7943-4c50-854b-ae7e7abddd02We prepare young men and women for satisfying careers in a variety of fields. We offer practical, hands-on instruction with live online training. Our aim of providing the specialized skills needed in today’s workforce has provided our students with new opportunities.

What is our ultimate goal for students?

  • • Raise the bar so the expectation of their success is increased
  • • Motivate and inspire them to stay in the program and stay in school
  • • Educate them on adult living objectives/skills, integrated employment, and job preparedness to find competitive employment/ careers
  • The TEEM Transition program prepares, guides, and assists students in and during the hiring process. Even after high school, TEEM continues to work with students to have successful competitive employment interviews and outcomes increasing productivity and self-confidence!

The FIVE Power Steps for Program Success:

  1. 1. Flexible class scheduling options so we are more accommodating to the students and teachers
  2. 2. Smaller class sizes so the student/teacher ratio is less and therefore more attention to students
  3. 3. Unique and customized “homework” so each student gets an individualized approach
  4. 4. Completely web-based program with Live On-Line classes, so the students will learn more about the powerful uses of technology while learning and advancing
  5. 5. Engaging learning tools that keep the students interested and coming back to class

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