“I’m happy to give this program the praise it deserves. It’s a pleasure to have had such a wonderful experience!”

– Earl, TEEM Job Readiness Graduate, now employed at Total Safety, Inc.

“I made the decision to switch vendors to TEEM Academy. TEEM was very enthusiastic and positive about the job search despite what I had been through. They went above and beyond to help me. I finally have a F/T job doing something I love and could not have done it without TEEM.”

– Sally, TEEM Direct Job Placement client

“The experience with TEEM has been stellar to say the least. The staff are dedicated to meeting all of my needs and they immediately conveyed care and determination in helping me to find the perfect fit for employment. I attribute my success to TEEM’s vigilance. Thanks guys for everything!”

– John, TEEM Supported Employment Consumer, employed at Methodist Children’s Home

“Before I came to TEEM, I had lots of doors closed on me due to my criminal history. TEEM found me a good job that I’m comfortable with. TEEM did an excellent job and their people are pleasant. Thank you TEEM for giving me my confidence back, giving me a chance and getting me a job!”

— Harry- TEEM Job Readiness Graduate, employed at Restaurant Depot

“TEEM was very helpful to make sure that with my disability, my needs would be met while getting a new job. Due to TEEM, I have just landed a job at Slidell Memorial Hospital as a phone operator. I really want to give thanks to them for putting the effort and time to make sure that all my needs were met to help me succeed on the job.”

– Tiffany, TEEM Supported Employment Consumer

“I now feel happy, safe and more confident about myself! Kristen (TEEM Employment Specialist) helped me realize I can pick myself up and try again even if I fail”

-Shanice, TEEM Supported Employment
consumer, employed at H&H Maintenance Services